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Language Studies


Cambridge English-Arabic Dictionary: A great dictionary for elementary to intermediate levels of Arabic. 

Hans Wehr Arabic Dictionary: An extremely thorough and accurate Arabic dictionary. Great for intermediate and advanced Arabic students looking to practice the Semitic root system.

Grammar Practice

FC Langmedia: A great source of information for first, second, and third-year Arabic students. Provides clear and efficient grammar tutorials. 

Arabic Verbal Patterns (I-X): Knowing patterns is critical to progressing in Arabic. Here is a video that gives some background on the ten different verbal patterns in Arabic.

Quick Arabic: A comprehensive guide of all twenty-eight letters in the Arabic alphabet. Covers isolated, beginning, medial, and final positions for each letter. Great for Arabic 101 students.


Subject and Direct Objects Pronouns

Past & Present Tense Conjugations 

Explanations of the 10 different patterns