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Language Studies

Libraries  is a little chaotic, but don’t let that intimidate you! This website is a collection of myriad texts, ancient and modern alike. is an excellent digital library, containing works by hundreds of authors in the original with side-by-side translations. Use your Oxy credentials to log in and access the collection.


Poetry and Music, a lengthy and lovely recitation of a part of Book 6 of Homer’s Iliad. is a good segment on Ancient Greek music, and a very useful piece of the puzzle.

Also check out,, and

for more on the double-reed pipe, or aulos. for info on the other side of Ancient Greek music, the kithara (origin of our very own guitar). Whatever you might think of him, here is Boris Johnson reciting the beginning of the Iliad like a professional: Last, but not least, here is the website of the Society for the Oral Reading of Greek and Latin Literature, or SORGLL, with a heaping helping of recitations in Ancient Greek.

Miscellaneous is a fantastic and useful website allowing you to type in Ancient Greek with ease! Refer to the Alphabet Key to figure out how to include breathing signs, accents, iota subscripts and more. 


A few quick reads on the alphabet:,


This one is just for fun: a side-by-side list comparing forms of Proto-Indo-European and its descendants, Sanskrit, Latin and Ancient Greek!


Here is a collection of principle parts from Smyth’s Greek Grammar.