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Language Studies



Real Academia Española Diccionario: 

Word Reference: 

Word of the Day: Diccionario de la Lengua Española (Sidebar)

Learning Resources

The all-in-one site:

The BBC site has everything that one could ever wish for regarding the Spanish language. It has an introductory guide to the Spanish language that provides the basics and free lessons and courses that aid in learning of the language. It also provides other resources for those that may be more advanced such as several news, TV, and radio stations in Spanish from around the world, vocabulary lessons, and grammar help!


Conversation Exchange:

Conversation is one of the best ways to learn Spanish and further what you already know! This website allows you to search for Spanish speakers around the world that are interested in learning English (or another language). You can simply chat with the person online and help each other learn new languages! There are also options for phone calls, skype, etc if you really want to converse. 


YouTube Learning:

Easy Spanish has countless fun videos that help you learn Spanish. From “5 Mistakes Spanish Learners Make” to “Street Interviews” to segments like “Juan Responde”, this YouTube channel has something for everyone. Whether you are just beginning to learn the language or are more advanced, you will find something you can learn from on this channel!

Language Practice


Ultimate Spanish Pronunciation Guide

This guide outlines the basics to improve your pronunciation in Spanish. It compares pronunciation to English and has great descriptions that highlight the changes you need to make. It discusses common mistakes and how to fix them. It even provides tips on how to roll your R’s!

TodoELE  This is a website for Spanish teachers with many materials and exercises. Although it is conceived for Spanish teachers, I think it could be useful for people learning Spanish too.

Forvo (grabaciones de pronunciaciones de varias palabras por varios regiones)


SpanishDict offers quick and excellent grammar explanations, modules, and quizzes for reviewing & learning.

Ser v. Estar / Quiz

Por v. Para / Quiz

Preterite v. imperfect / Quiz 

Subjunctive v. Indicative / Quiz

Commands/”Mandatos” / Quiz

“Verbs Like Gustar” / Quiz

Subjunctive / Quiz 

Preterite / Quiz 

Imperfect / Quiz

StudySpanish also offers great explanations and quizzes for learning grammar. 

Modern Spanish Grammar: A Practical Guide (Juan Kattán-Ibarra and Chirstopher J. Pountain, 2nd edition) 

This grammar book has clear and concise explanations and examples. One of the benefits of its pdf format allows “Control+F” usage for quick searching for specific questions.



Reading local news is a great way to practice your reading and comprehension skills, but also introduces you to vocabulary from different countries, and to local events!

Fuentes generales: Noticias sobre todo el mundo, pero en español.

BBC Mundo Noticias sobre todo el mundo, pero en español

CNN Español Noticias sobre todo el mundo, pero en español

División por país




La Nación 


Chile Noticias de Chile 


El Tiempo

Costa Rica Noticias de Costa Rica


El Comercio

La Hora

Últimas noticias

El Salvador


La Prensa Gráfica


El Español 



Guatemala El periódico líder de Guatemala


El Universal 






La Prensa


La Diaria

El País

El Observador

La Red21

La República

Montevideo Portal

Listas de más periódicos según el país


Live Streaming News

Stay up to date with the latest news! An easy way to gain more linguistic input.

DW- en vivo (Español) (América Latina) 

euronews (España, Europa, América Latina)

Meganoticias (Chile)

Todo Noticias (Argentina)

C5N (Argentina)

La Nación (Argentina)

Televisión pública (Argentina)

T13 (Chile)

TeleSUR tv (Cono sur)

CNN en Español (Venezuela, variada)

Canales informativos en Youtube:

BBC Mundo (América latina)

Canal Catorce (México)

Canal Encuentro (Argentina, variada)

Canal Once (México)

DW Historias Latinas (variada)

El País (variada)

TED en Español (variada)

VICE en Español (variada)

Daily News

Watch daily news segments--morning and evening news, or smaller clips. 

Noticias Telemundo (EE. UU., México, América central)

Univision Noticias (EE. UU., México, América central)

Azteca Noticias (México)

Al rojo vivo (EE. UU., México, América central)

Primer Impacto (EE. UU., México, América central)

Infobae (Argentina)

Telefe (Argentina; incluye Bake Off Argentina)

Chilevisión (Chile)

El Tiempo (Colombia)
Noticias Caracol (Colombia, América latina)

France 24 (Cono Sur, variada)

Despierta América (EE. UU., México, América central)

El Universal (México)

Grupo REFORMA (México)

Milenio (México)

Canal 10 (Uruguay)

Teledoce (Uruguay)

Culture and Comedy

Pero Like (compañía de Buzzfeed enfocada sobre la identidad latinx)

We are mitú (compañía dedicada del contenido latinx)

Joanna Hausmann (Comediante venezolana, comedia sobre lenguaje español, comentarios sociales)

carolina rocha menocal (Comida, cultura y comentario sobre méxico)

De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina (Comida mexicana)

El Destape (comentario político argentino)

LISA DE COREA DEL SUR (vlog de una coreana en méxico)

Luisito Comunica (cronista viajero mexicano)

Oscar Alejandro (cronista viajero/explorador venezolano)

Pedrito el Paketero (cultura y comentario cubano)