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Language Studies


An excellent Russian-language dictionary, that will take a word in any form and give you its “dictionary-entry” form, all possible declensions/conjugations, definitions, and usages (in Russian only).

  • Go to
  • Click on the second word (circled in the image below) in the top menu bar.

Udarenieru Screen Shot

  • Type/copy the Russian word into the search box (if you do not have the Russian keyboard on your computer, you can type it into Google Translate and then copy/paste into udarenieru) and click on “ПОИСК” (“Search”)

Literary Texts contains hundreds of Russian novels, poems, articles, short stories, and other forms of literature, all in the original. Texts are not PDFs, and so can be copy/pasted into word processors and edited, making it an excellent resource for quoting original Russian, in addition to granting free access to hundreds of classics. The site is in Russian. 

  • go to 
  • Select a genre at the top (typically, you will want “Проза” [“Prose”] or “Классика” [“Classics”]). 
  • Either search for the author’s name, or select the first letter of their surname from the alphabet. 
  • Select the text you wish to read. 


The Russian Wikitionary provides a great deal of grammatical information about any word, including perfective/imperfective aspect, conjugations/declensions, stems and pre/suffixes, pronunciation. 



Two podcasts for practicing listening. Both available on Apple Podcasts. 

  • “Чтения” (“Readings”) 
  • “Чтения для детей” (“Readings for children”)