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Language Studies

Grammar Practice Most commonly used online Japanese-English dictionary. This website consists of different levels of beginners Japanese learners to interact with the language of Japanese both visually (recognizing Japanese alphabets and characters), audibly, and vocally. This website is aimed for intermediate Japanese learners, where users are asked to type in the answers of a very simple/short question. For those who are interested in the Keigo form of Japanese, this is a website where they teach you how and when to use the correct form of Keigo by demonstrating in a video. The website is in Japanese, but the video may be helpful for you! Japanese basic conversations and expressions that can be useful when to initiate an easy conversation. Learning about directions in Japanese. Japanese 101 class students had questions about expressing directions, so this is the material

Katakana/Hiragana Practice PDF Pages 3-12: hiragana practice, 13-16: hiragana word practice, 17: katakana chart, 18-27: katakana practice, 33-52: double-sided flashcards A website that helps with reading kanji in game format. Shiritori game also featured. For all Japanese learning levels. Everything should be free

Katakana and Hiragana charts to print with stroke order


Read the news with Furigana written in a simpler, easier sentences to help intermediate level Japanese readers improve reading and vocabulary: