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Manage sources and generate citations with this free tool.

In-Text Citations in Google Docs

1. Open your Google Doc

2. Place your cursor where you want your citation to go

3. Find the Zotero tab

Look at the top row of your Google Doc options. You should see 'Zotero' as a choice towards the end.

4. Select 'Add/Edit Citation'

5. Locate the Zotero search box and search for the source you'd like to cite

A red Zotero search box will pop up. Sometimes it shows up behind your browser. If you don't see it, minimize your browser.

In order to find your intended source, type in anything you know about it – keywords, title, author, journal name, publication year, etc.

6. Click on the source you'd like to cite, then add a page number (if needed)

7. When done, hit your computer's enter/return button

The citation will appear in the Google Docs where your cursor was!

Bibliographic Citations in Google Docs

For this method to work, you must have at least one in-line citation created by the 'add/edit citation' process we just covered.

1. In the Zotero tab, select 'Add/Edit Bibliography'

That's it!

If you add more in-text citations, the bibliography should automatically refresh. If not, click the 'refresh' button.