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Manage sources and generate citations with this free tool.

Adding Sources with Web Extension

The easiest way to add sources to your Zotero library while conducting research is by using the web connector. You can find it in your browser next to any other extensions that you use. It may be hard to locate at first – it changes appearance based on what type of page you are viewing.

1. Open Zotero

If you don't have Zotero open when trying to save items from the connector, you will see an error message.

Is Zotero Running? error message pop-up

2. Open your source page in your browser

Improving Keeping for Octopuses article screenshot in ProQuest

3. Look in your browser for the Zotero extension and click on the extension icon

Save to Zotero extension icon

A little window will pop up to show that it is saving to your library. If you want to change where the source is saving (like straight to one of your folders), you can click the 'My Library' dropdown and change the save location.

Saving to My Library Zotero pop-up

4. Return to Zotero and make sure the source saved and saved properly

Screenshot of octopus article record info page in Zotero

Make sure that Zotero pulled all the correct details for this one. It uses this information to generate your citations, so you want to ensure everything looks good now, before moving on to the next source!

5. If needed, edit any details by clicking on each field on the record item

screenshot of editing title in octopus article record

6. If needed, you can change the item type

Screenshot of Zotero item type list with Journal Article selected

Sometimes the connector saves a source as the wrong type. You can choose the correct option from the 'Item Type' dropdown. This will change the record fields to reflect the different item type.

Adding Sources Manually: Drag/Drop PDF Method

1. Find where a PDF is saved on your computer

PDF selected

2. Drag and drop that document into Zotero!

Screenshot of article item record filled out

If you've uploaded something like an editable PDF (a PDF where you can highlight the text), Zotero may pull out all the data for you, like it did here!

If this worked, you're all set. If this didn't work...

3. Right click on the PDF entry, then select 'Create Parent Item'

Right click on item with Create Parent Item highlighted

4. Click 'Manual Entry'

Create Parent Item pop-up

5. You can now edit the empty entry yourself!

Adding Sources Manually: Button Method

1. Find the green 'plus' button at the top center of your Zotero library

Zotero new item adding

2. Click the button and choose your source type

Item type dropdown list in Zotero

Select 'More' if your source type isn't listed in those first options.

3. Fill in the source entry details

empty Zotero item record for a book