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First Year Seminar

A curated list of databases and resources to help you with your FYS courses here at Oxy.


Hello and welcome to the FYS Research Guide! Research Guides are curated lists of resources put together by librarians. We pool together what we think are the best databases, books, websites, etc. for a particular subject or course and build a guide around them. This guide is for FYS and is designed to help you survive the final research project. 

In addition to this guide, your First Year Experience librarian is another FYS resource for you. Please schedule an appointment with me (link is under my photo on the left) if you need any help with FYS or are seeking support through your first year in general--I'm happy to help. Welcome to Oxy!

Good Places to Start

At Oxy, we subscribe to a lot of databases, some are discipline-specific while others are more general. To help get you started with your research, here are three databases that I think are your best-bet starting points for FYS.

Explore Other Guides

Want to do a deeper dive on a specific subject? At Oxy, we have research guides for all of the degree-granting disciplines, put together by the subject librarian for that discipline. If you want to further explore resources for History or Chemistry, go check out those guides!

Need Support?

Not sure where to start? Found an article, but not sure how to access the full text of it? Need a book that we don't have at Oxy? Reach out to a librarian, we're happy to help! We can help you track down that article, walk you through the research process, help you find and evaluate useful sources, and more!