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Quick Introduction to LaTeX: Resources

A quick guide to install and start using LaTeX


LaTeX is a very powerful program with a huge number of features. Before you start writing your \LaTeX document there are a few things you should consider.  First make sure you create a folder for the document you are creating and place any images, figures, or bibliographical information inside that folder.  This will make your life much easier as you import this items into your document.

The aim of this page is to introduce some helpful resources for new users or for more experienced users looking to dive deeper into LaTeX capabilities. The best way to get comfortable using LaTeX is to be aware of all the online resources available. 

LaTeX Resources

The LaTeX Project -  The main LaTeX resource out there. Definitely keep returning to this link - An online interface; single user accounts are free with lots of templates to start with

Authorea Similar to Overleaf, though Overleaf seems to be the more popular of the two

TeXeR - Online app to test short LaTeX code

A short LaTeX Introduction -  a quick read into pro's and con's of LaTeX 

A Beginners Guide to LaTeX - A short guide from Princeton university

The Not so Short Introduction to LaTeX2e - A 160+ page PDF that outlines many of the core functionalities of LaTeX

What's in a name? - learn about the differences between TeX, LaTeX, and several other TeX’s


Getting to Grips with LaTeX - Andrew Roberts


LaTeX for Computer Scientists - Les Kitchen


More Online Resources

Websites for LaTeX Commands and Symbols

The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List - A more than 300 page document of LaTeX symbols

LaTeX Command Summary - A summary of symbols and commands in LaTeX

LaTeX Font Catalogue - A list of all free font types available easily in LaTeX

Mathematics Packages - American Mathematical Society

LaTeX Resource Website

LaTeX Wikibooks - A great resource for LaTeX related questions

TeXample - Contains packages for creating graphics in LaTeX also has a forum 

LaTeXiT - A web app to create only equations using LaTeX that can be exported in several formats (jpeg, tiff, pdf, etc.) 

LaTex Forums