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Colored Conventions Research Project - Occidental College

This guide was adapted form the Resources for Colored Conventions Research Guide at the University of Delaware.

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Resources for Colored Conventions Research at the University of Delaware

Resources for Colored Conventions Research at the Occidental College is designed to provide assistance to Oxy users of and instructors teaching units connected to Colored Conventions: Bringing Nineteenth-Century Black Organizing to Digital Life, a digital humanities project.

Another research guide, Resources for Colored Conventions Research: A Guide for National Affiliates and Public Use, is available online. This guide, created for users at other institutions, does not include hyperlinks to Oxy-subscription databases and Occidental Library call numbers for print material.

The two guides were developed for the Colored Conventions Project, directed by Gabrielle Foreman, Ned B. Allen Professor of English and Professor of Black American Studies, University of Delaware.

Resources for Colored Conventions Research at Occidental College offers information on a variety of resources. Please select a topic from the list or click a topic tab (above) to explore historical research related to the Colored Conventions.

  • 19th-Century Newspapers: Search library databases and free websites for articles in historical newspapers of the nineteenth century
  • Digital Images: Browse for digital images of people and settings associated with the Colored Conventions in collections such as the New York Public Library's Africana & Black History and Digital Schomburg collections and the Prints & Photographs of the Library of Congress
  • Websites: Read digitized pamphlets from the Daniel A. P. Murray Collection, 1818-1907 (Library of Congress), the Samuel J. May Anti-Slavery Collection (Cornell University) and other useful web resources
  • Letters/Papers/Books: Look for the letters and papers of well-known African Americans as well as books for background and biographical information
  • Census Records/History Databases: Find information about the Colored Conventions and their delegates by searching for census records and articles in biographical, history, and 19th-century journal and magazine databases