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Critical Theory and Social Justice

Databases Strong in CTSJ Topics

Open Educational Resources

Open Access (OA) materials, also known as Open Educational Resources (OER), are free-to-use educational materials – think textbooks, learning guides, videos, journals, etc. OER are free of cost, open to anyone to use, don't require any institutional log in credentials, and carry legal permission for open use. Feel free to use, adapt, and share the following open resources!

Want to publish your own work?

Check out CTSJ: Journal of Undergraduate Research in Oxy Scholar, Occidental's open access repository of peer reviewed scholarship.

Accessing Material We Don't Own

Many of the books, journal articles and other resources you find can be accessed through Oxy. However, if not, you will need to request them through Interlibrary Loan. If you are logged into your Oxy account, most interlibrary loans can be made via a link associated with the article/book.