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Information resources, tools, and links to help you research topics in Psychology.

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Find Psychology News

News is useful for staying on top of the latest trends and researching past events and policies. Search these databases and news journals to choose a research topic, find factual information, and to find supportive evidence for arguments and debates. Scroll further down the page for news feeds and press releases.

Is the story valid? See the APA's guide on How to Be a Better Consumer of Psychological Research.


Blogger and graduate-student researcher Jeremy Dean reports on Psychology studies.

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Social Psychology News

News from The Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

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Psychology Today Blog

Popular commentary and analysis from academics, practioners, and journalists.

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Press Releases from the American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association is the largest association of professional psychologists. Read their press releases below or visit their site to find additional research papers and to find out more about how psychologists are engaging the public.

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Science Daily: Psychology

Aggregated news reports of the latest findings in psychology and other sciences.

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