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Leganto Reading Lists in Canvas

How to create, edit, and publish a reading list in a Canvas course

Where do I find the reading list function in Canvas?

Open any course in Canvas.  View the Course Navigation menu on the left and scroll down to Leganto Reading List.  Click on it to get started!

Course Navigation Menu

Create a Reading List

The first page you'll see after choosing Leganto Reading List from the Course Menu will have several options for creating your list.  The first option is "Create a new reading list from scratch."  If you want to use a reading list from a previous course, please see the next tab in this box.

To create a reading list from scratch:

1. Click the Create it button underneath the create from scratch option. 

2. You will then be asked to enter a title and description of your list.  The description is optional.  Once you've entered the desired text, then click create.

3. Next, you will be asked to select a template.  Click on Default if this is your first time trying this.  You can always change it later.

Select a template

4. After clicking Default, you will be able to Add Items using the modalities seen on the right hand side of the page (illustrated below).  The next page of this guide goes over how to add different types of resources.


If you want to roll over a reading list from a previous course:

1. After choosing Leganto Reading List from the Course Menu, click on Roll over underneath the "roll over reading lists from existing course" option.

2. You will be asked to select which reading list you want to roll over.

3. You will be taken to a page where you can edit the name of your reading list and choose what information you would like copied over to the new list.

4.  If you are in a course for which you already have created a Leganto Readling List, you can roll it over from there as well!  Click on the ellipsis in the upper right corner of your current reading list:

5.  From the menu that appears, select Roll Over List.

6.  You will then be prompted to select which course to send the list to.


Leganto allows you to include other instructors input into a reading list!

1.  In the menu on the far right of your reading list, click on Collaborators.

2.  That will open the menu.  Then click on Manage Collaborators and the following window will popup:

3.  Enter the names or emails of the new collaborators you'd like to invite and click on Send Invitation.

Video demonstration-Creating a list

Add a section to your reading list

Reading list sections enable instructors to organize their class material by week, topic, etc.  This may make it easier for students to find assigned readings or resources. For instance: many instructors name the modules of their Canvas courses for the weeks of the semester (Week 1, Week 2, etc.).  You may wish to create matching sections in your reading list.  This will allow you to place readings or resources for Week 1 of your course in the 'Week 1' section of your reading list, and so on.

To add a section: 

1. Open your course's Leganto Reading List and click on New Section:

2. In the New Section menu you can add the section's title, description, and, if you wish, a start and end date for the section.  This is useful if you want only the current week's readings to be visible to students.  You can do this by checking "Section visibile only during these dates" checkbox.  If left unchecked, the section will be visible to students throughout the semester:

3. Next, click 'Create.'  The section is now added to your reading list.  You're ready to move or add resources to the new section.