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Interlibrary Loan: Accessing materials we don't own: Home

A guide for finding, accessing and borrowing materials - including books, articles and more - that Occidental College does not have in its collection.

Interlibrary Loan

Welcome to the library without walls! 

When you come across a resources that we don’t own- or one that is currently unavailable- we can borrow it from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan. 

Eligible Users

Current Oxy Students, Faculty, and Staff


  • Can be Borrowed: Physical Books, Book Chapters, Articles, DVDs, Musical Scores
  • Hard to Borrow Materials: Ebooks, Exhibition Catalogs, Dissertations, Theses, Microform, Recently Published or Ahead of Print Materials
  • Cannot be Borrowed: Streaming Content, Textbooks, Entire Journal Issues


Our primary resource sharing platform is Rapido. Rapido is embedded in the OneSearch function of our library catalog.  

Rapido is best for: Longer Loan Periods, Chapters, Articles

Loan Period
Hold Shelf Expiration

Rapido Member Institutions: 112 Days 

OCLC: Determined by Lender

Rapido Member Institutions: No

OCLC: Determined by Lender

30 Days

Accessing Rapido:

  • Search for Articles, Books, and more in OneSearch
  • Select “Expand Your Search” to look for materials outside our library holdings



  • Rapido offers will appear in the “Get it from other locations” section of the item record. 
  • When Rapido can locate the item at one of our partner institutions, it will display an estimated time to arrival and loan period duration. If it cannot immediately locate the resource, it will display “terms to be supplied.” 



  • Select the desired format and add any important details, such as volume or chapter information, to your request. Click “Send” to place your request


If you are unable to locate the item you want to borrow through OneSearch, use the Blank ILL form to submit your request.

Blank ILL Form

The Blank ILL form can be used when you are unable to find a resource using the "Expand My Search" function or if you simply prefer to enter the details yourself. 


Accessing the Blank ILL form:

  • Access the Blank ILL form through OneSearch using the "Interlibrary Loan Request" tab or the "Still didn't find what you need?" link. 



You can also bookmark the Blank ILL Form

Pro Tip!

When using the Blank ILL form, include the ISBN or ISSN if possible. Requests without this information will be stopped for mediation and may take longer to arrive.


Link+ is a consortium of libraries that lend to each other according to agreed upon terms and conditions. Link+ is fast and provides access to materials from both public and academic libraries. 

Link+ is best for: Quick Reads, Fast Delivery, Bestsellers

Loan Period
Hold Shelf Expiration
21 Days 10 Days

Accessing LINK+:

  • Search for Articles, Books, and more in OneSearch
  • Select “Expand Your Search” to look for materials outside our library holdings



  • Open the item record and look for "Order From Link+" in the "More ways to get it" section



Alternatively, you can also search the Link+ catalog directly 


What happened to ILLiad?

Rapido automatically use ILLiad as a lender of last resort. Going forward, requests placed through the blank ILLiad form will be transferred to Rapido and may take longer to arrive. 

Resource Sharing Specialist


For questions, please contact Resource Sharing 
Phone: 323-259-2814