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OneSearch: Step One For Library Research

How to effectively use the library's search tool, which covers many of our resources in a single search.

About OneSearch

OneSearch is the search tool for the Library designed to be nearly all-encompassing with our scholarly resources. The results include books, ebooks, articles, videos, and more. Click here to be directed straight to the OneSearch experience (also accessible from our Library homepage as the main search bar). 

In contrast to our previous search option which required a user to replicate their search terms into various places in order to comprehensively search materials available to them, OneSearch integrates this all into one search box so the user can have confidence that their initial search covers a wide amount of digital ground. 

As the graphic to the right indicates, no single search engine is going to be entirely comprehensive, and there might be circumstances in which you should go to individual databases.

Think of OneSearch as Step One in your searching experience!

In addition to being a broader search experience, OneSearch also provides a sophisticated approach to relevancy ranking, displaying results in an order that should help users locate what they need quickly and efficiently. Please use this guide as a companion while you explore OneSearch. 

Please direct any questions or requests for tutorials to our Research Specialists, or by emailing