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Primary & Secondary Source Research

Archives by Specialty

Other Resources:

  • List of Moving Image Archives and Research Centers
    Library of Congress compiled a comprehensive listing of Public Moving Image Archives and Research Centers from around the world. The list is broken down by regions: Africa & the Near East; Asia & Oceania; Canada; Europe; Latin America; United States
  • ACT UP Oral History Project
    Archive of 187 interviews with members of ACT UP, the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, New York.
  • Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony
    Collection of oral histories of people who presently or at one time identified as same-sex and same-gender attracted women.
  • The ArQuives
    The largest independent LGBTQ2+ Archives in the world.
  • Digital Transgender Archive
    A digital archive of materials documenting transgender history that is the result of an international collaboration of more than 60 colleges, universities, nonprofit organizations, public libraries, and private collections worldwide.
  • GLBT Historical Society Archives
    Archive of over 1,000 collections of materials pertaining to LGBTQ people. Collections include: personal papers, organizational records, periodicals, oral histories, photographs, audiovisual recordings, ephemera, artifacts and works of art.
  • Gerber/Hart Archives for Midwest LGBTQ History & Culture
    Archive with materials documenting the culture and history of LGBTQ peoples and additional marginalized sexual and gender minorities in Chicago and the Midwest.
  • IHLIA LGBTI Heritage Archives (International Homo/Lesbian Information Center and Archive)
    The largest collection of LGBT materials in Europe with over 100,000 items including: books, journals and magazines, films, documentaries, posters, photographs and objects such as T-shirts, buttons and condom packaging.
  • In the Life
    Archive of television’s longest-running LGBTQ news magazine.
  • James C. Hormel LGBTQIA Center Archives
    Collections that document LGBTQIA lives and culture, with an emphasis on the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. Materials include: personal papers; organizational records; magazines; newspapers; zines; audiovisual materials; photographs; pulp paperbacks; objects.
  • June L. Mazer Lesbian Archives
    Major archive in California that preserves and promotes lesbian and feminist history and culture and represents lesbians and feminists of all classes, ethnicities, races, and experiences. Materials include: personal letters; scrapbooks; artwork; manuscripts; books; records; newspapers; magazines; photographs; videotapes; flyers; papers of lesbian organizations; private papers; clothing
  • The Lavender, Archives, and Cultural Exchange
    A volunteer-run library and archive with collections of queer books, films, archives, zines, and more.
  • The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Archive
    Archive that documents the history and culture of LGBTQ communities in the South and Southwest. Materials include: letters; photographs; newspapers; magazines; scrapbooks; diaries; audio-visual materials; organizational records; posters; flyers; objects.
  • LGBTQ Center National History Archive
    Archive that documents LGBTQ lives and organizations centered in and around New York. Materials include: scrapbooks; photographs; audio and video recordings; pamphlets and printed materials; posters; born-digital records; personal papers created by individuals; records of organizations; periodicals (newspapers and magazines); organization files; the organizational records of The Center.
  • Lesbian Herstory Archives
    Largest collection of materials by and about lesbians that documents their lives and activities. Materials include: unpublished papers; organizational records; books; magazines; journals; zines; news clippings; photos, films diaries, oral histories, organizational records; and much more.
  • ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives
    Located at the University of Southern California, it is the largest repository of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) materials in the world
  • Schwules Museum and Archives
    One of the world's largest and most significant LGBTQ museums.
  • Transgender Archives
    Archive of rare publications and memorabilia of persons and organizations that have worked for the betterment of Trans+ people.

More Resources:

Strengths in American Literature, German Literature, English and Continental Literature.

  • Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
    One of the world's largest and most dynamic collections of rare books and manuscripts. Its collections include ancient papyri, medieval manuscripts, personal papers of modern writers, artists’ books, photographs, avant-garde, audio-visual and born-digital material.
  • Biblioteca nacional de España
    The library is the main center for Spanish and Ibero-American written, graphic and audiovisual culture. It holds copies of all the books published in Spain and unique collections of manuscripts, incunabula, prints, drawings, photographs, sound recordings.
  • Brouillons d'écrivains
    Virtual gallery of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF) that provides overviews of exhibitions related to books and writing; writers and storytellers; the history of representations; arts and architecture; photography; and maps and photos.
  • Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach
    One of the leading literary archives that contains collections documenting the literary and intellectual history from 1750 to the present day. Its collections include over 1,600 papers and collections of authors and scholars, and archives of literary publishers. The archive also houses more than 450,000 images and objects. Its library is also the largest special collection of modern German literature. It includes more than 1.5 million books, periodicals, and analog and digital text, sound and visual media.
  • Gnazim Archive
    Contains manuscripts, letters, various personal documents and photographs, as well as a unique collection of recordings of authors who lived and worked in different countries and in Israel. [Site in Hebrew]
  • Literary and Theatrical Archive and Manuscript Collections, British Library
    The British Library Theatrical Archives holds the archives of playwrights, actors, directors, critics, theatre companies and theatrical agents. This resource supports research on the study of West End, Fringe, and regional British theater since 1900.
  • Bodleian Library
    The Bodleian houses ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary manuscript and archive material from around the world. These collections include historical, literary, political, scientific, and religious papers, maps, charters, seals, rolls, and papyri.
  • Modern Literary Archives at the University of Manchester
    Contains over fifty discrete archives and manuscript accumulations of poets and novelists; poetry in English from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, North and South America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and the Caribbean; writing which acknowledges ethnicity, gender and sexuality. Focus is on 20th- and 21st-century literatures in English.
  • National Library of Wales Literary Archives
    20th- and 21st-century poets and authors of Wales.
  • Northern Ireland Literary Archive
    Consists of digitized manuscripts and letters belonging to nine writers born or based in Northern Ireland. The material ranges from 19th-century manuscripts by Samuel Ferguson to the late poems of John Hewitt in the 1980s.
  • 20th-21st Century Literature at the British Library
    Documents how authors experimented with new forms and themes to capture the world around them.
  • The Shelley-Godwin Archive
    Digitized manuscripts of Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, William Godwin, and Mary Wollstonecraft
  • Swiss Literary Archives
    Archives of literature of all four linguistic regions of Switzerland: French, German, Italian and Romansh, with particular emphasis on the 20th and 21st centuries. The holdings consist mainly of notes, drafts, work manuscripts, correspondence, diaries, press clippings, specialized works, books, audio and video documents, photographs, artwork, drawings as well as personal objects.
  • Alan Mason Chesney Archives (at Johns Hopkins)
    Archive documents the history of Johns Hopkins Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health from the mid-nineteenth century to present.
  • Contemporary Medical Care and Health Policy Collection (at Yale)
    Collection contains personal papers and organization records that document the development, evolution, and politics of health care and health policy in the United States during the 20th-century.
  • Lillian & Clarence de la Chapelle Medical Archives
    Repository holds the institutional records of NYU Langone and all affiliated institutions.
  • Medical Historical Library Archives (at Yale)
    Collections of personal papers, institutional records, pamphlets, printed materials, photographs, and ephemera documenting the history of medicine and public health. Emphasis is on people and institutions affiliated with the Yale Schools of Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, and Physician Associate Program; the city of New Haven; and the state of Connecticut.
  • National Library of Medicine Archives and Modern Manuscripts
    Archive contains personal papers and organizational records documenting 20th- and 21st-century American medical practitioners, biomedical scientists, public health practitioners and researchers, and health policy planners. Strengths of the Collection are public health and health policy, mental health, child development, and molecular biology.
  • New York Academy of Medicine Archives and Manuscripts
    The Archives hold materials documenting the history of the Academy as an institution since its founding in 1847. Also in the holdings are: papers of various medical organizations and societies; collections of personal papers; letters; student notebooks; diaries; physicians' case records.
  • Women in Medicine Collection, Legacy Center Archives and Special Collections
    Collections document women in medicine; the history of the college; women in medicine beginning in the mid-1800s.

Other Resources:

Medical Library Association's List of Libraries and Archives (by state)
The Medical Library Association compiled a list of libraries and archives organized fist by country, then by state.

  • The Academy of Natural Sciences Archives
    Archives hold: administrative records and official Academy documents documenting the history of the Academy from its founding in March 1812 to present; scientific and personal unpublished materials contributed by research scientists and others associated with the Academy; manuscripts; art; artifacts; film; photos; field notes; illustrations; memorabilia.
  • Biodiversity Heritage Library
    Collections include: hundreds of thousands of volumes, comprising over 60 million pages (15th-21st century); field notebooks; correspondence; collection records; other items.
  • National Academy of Sciences Archives
    Collections include: essential documentation of the activities, policies, and procedures of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and the National Academy of Medicine.
  • Science History Institute Library and Archives
    Collections include: rare books on chemistry; alchemical manuscripts; documents, photographs, and moving images of significant individuals, businesses, and organizations documenting more than 200 years of scientific history; oral histories with 1,200 interviews dating back to 1979; scientific instruments and artifacts.


  • Archives of The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG)
    Archive documenting the comprehensive history of the growth and development of the NYBG and the history of American botanical science and horticulture as fields of study. Holdings include: institutional records; correspondence, manuscripts, research notes, and other materials from botanists, horticulturists, and landscape designers; historical records of selected botanical and horticultural organizations, plant societies and plant-related business and industry.
  • Botany Libraries Archives (Harvard)
    Holdings include: personal papers; images; institutional records; notebooks, daybooks, accession lists, and journals chronicling the collection of plant specimens; plant lists, field notes, maps, illustrations, photographs, and realia from botanical expeditions; photographic materials; artifacts and specimens.
  • United States National Herbarium Collections
    Holdings include over 5 million specimens of plants.


  • Records of the Bureau of Agricultural and Industrial Chemistry
    Collection includes: correspondence (1935-39); laboratory project reports (1901-38); papers; maps; architectural and engineering plans; photographic negatives; administrative records; other materials.
  • Science History Institute Library and Archives
    Collections include: rare books on chemistry; alchemical manuscripts; documents, photographs, and moving images of significant individuals, businesses, and organizations documenting more than 200 years of scientific history; oral histories with 1,200 interviews dating back to 1979; scientific instruments and artifacts.


  • Archive for the History of Quantum Physics
    12,500 items that include: collected papers of physicists; oral history interviews; sources for the History of Quantum Physics Project; photographs.
  • Niels Bohr Library & Archives
    Archive for the history of physics, astronomy, geophysics and allied fields. Holdings include: collection of textbooks; monographs and related publications; over 30,000 photographs and other images; over 1,500 oral histories; archival records of American Institute of Physics and its Member Societies; records and personal papers of a select number of scientists.

Archives of Scholarly Publications:

This open-access archive contains 2,271,171 scholarly, pre-print articles in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, statistics, electrical engineering and systems science, and economics.

  • Literary and Theatrical Archive and Manuscript Collections, British Library
  • The British Library Theatrical Archives holds the archives of playwrights, actors, directors, critics, theatre companies and theatrical agents. This resource supports research on the study of West End, Fringe, and regional British theater since 1900.
  • Pasadena Playhouse Archive
    Archive holds a collection of programs and photos dating back to 1916.
  • Theatre on Film and Tape Archive (TOFT) (at New York Public Library)
    Archive preserves live theatrical productions and documents the creative contributions of distinguished artists and legendary theater figures. TOFT produces video recordings of Broadway, Off-Broadway, regional theatre productions, and dialogues between notable theatre personalities.
  • Theatre Historical Society of America (THS)
    THS holds photographic prints, operational records, blueprints, photo negatives and slides, programs, books, artifacts, newspaper clippings, artwork, and magazines for over 18,000 theatres across the country dating back to the late 1800s.

Additional Resources:

  • List of Archives and Libraries for Women's History
    The International Institute of Social History compiled two extensive lists of libraries and archives related to women: List of Specialized Archives, Libraries, or Collections and a List of Archives and Libraries