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Documentary Research

Books and Anthologies



If you come across a book or anthology that is not currently owned by Oxy (after checking the search box at  Submit an Interlibrary Loan request using this link. From the sidebar on the left, select from the options: New Article, New Book or DVD, or New Book Chapter. Articles and book chapters will be delivered electronically within 24-48 hours. Requesting a full book or DVD will take a few days as the item will be mailed to Occidental College. Keep track of your item request by logging back into Interlibrary Loan account with the same link (View->Outstanding Requests). For more information, email

Finding Scholarly Journals and Articles

Popular Press or Trade Magazines

Trade publications or popular press articles can be valuable in providing an industry studies perspective: interview responses from a maker, information on the cultural circulation of a particular work, or statistics or data about contemporary distribution markets. Such sources should not be conflated with academic critical sources.