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Chemistry & Biochemistry

Databases for Chemistry & Biochemistry Research

Avenues to Finding Articles

Use academic databases (like those listed above, or found in the Database Finder) to execute sophisticated searches and locate relevant scholarly articles.

Identify major journal publications in your subject. Browse Oxy subscriptions to electronic journals using the links at right, or explore the metrics side of Google Scholar by looking at their Journal rankings .

Locate and browse online and print journals accessible at Oxy. Search journals as a Title in an OASys search and view the record to determine whether we have print, online access or both, and to see what years of coverage are included. Sometimes different databases include different date ranges, so look carefully. Our Journal Lists provide coverage information as well.

Finding relevant, peer-reviewed journal articles can be one of the more difficult aspects of the research process. To learn more advanced searching techniques check out the Research and Reference Guide or contact a librarian. You can email questions or use the appointment button to set up a 1-hour consultation.

Chemistry & Biochemistry Journals at Oxy

These lists of journals by topic include coverage information to help you decide which databases to use in searching. You can find journals on additional subjects, including analytical chemistry and photochemistry, by clicking here and selecting the chemistry subtopic you are interested in researching.


Chimica versi 1928 Copertina "Chimica in versi (Rime distillate)" di Alberto Cavaliere (Old book scan) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Open Access Chemistry & Biochemistry Journals

These open access publications may not be included in the article databases listed on this page. Searching through these resources can lead to additional articles on various chemistry and biochemistry topics.

Here are over 40+ open access biochemistry journals.