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Subject (Liaison) Librarians at Oxy

Use this guide to learn who the subject librarian is for your academic discipline


Ever wonder which subject librarian covers your academic discipline?  Or maybe you are wondering what a subject/liaison librarian does?  If so, you're in the right place!

The subject librarians at Oxy are the liaison between the library and students and faculty.  We cover all majors, minors, and discipline concentrations.  We can help you acquire books, databases, and other resources you need for your class or research project.  We create research guides, offer research consultations, and provide information literacy instruction.

Academic Disciplines and Corresponding Subject Librarians

Some of the academic disciplines have courses that are cross listed and librarian coverage may vary due to different subject librarians' expertise.  If you are not sure which librarian to contact, just make your best guess and we will make sure we get you to the right place!

Academic Discipline Librarian
American Studies Kristin Peace or Erin Sulla
Art and Art History Erin Sulla
Asian Studies Erin Sulla
Biochemistry Kathleen Makarewicz
Biology Kathleen Makarewicz
Black Studies Kristin Peace or Erin Sulla
Chemistry Kathleen Makarewicz
Chinese Studies Erin Sulla
Classical Studies Erin Sulla
Cognitive Science Kathleen Makarewicz
College Writing Program Samantha Hilton
Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture Erin Sulla
Computer Science Kathleen Makarewicz
Critical Theory and Social Justice Erin Sulla
Diplomacy and World Affairs Kirstin Peace
Economics Kristin Peace
Education Kristin Peace
English Erin Sulla
Environmental Science Kathleen Makarewicz
Food Studies Kristin Peace or Kathleen Makarewicz
French Studies Kristin Peace
Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies Kristin Peace
Geology Kathleen Makarewicz
German Studies Erin Sulla
Group Language Kristin Peace
History Erin Sulla
Interdisciplinary Writing Samantha Hilton
Japanese Studies Erin Sulla
Kinesiology Kathleen Makarewicz
Latino/a and Latin American Studies Kristin Peace or Erin Sulla
Linguistics Kristin Peace
Marine Biology Kathleen Makarewicz
Mathematics Kathleen Makarewicz
Media Arts and Culture Erin Sulla
Music Erin Sulla
Neuroscience Kathleen Makarewicz
Philosophy Erin Sulla
Physics Kathleen Makarewicz
Politics Kristin Peace
Psychology Kathleen Makarewicz
Public Health Kathleen Makarewicz
Religious Studies Erin Sulla
Russian Studies Erin Sulla
Sociology Kristin Peace
Spanish Studies Kristin Peace
Theater and Performance Studies Erin Sulla
Urban and Environmental Policy Kristin Peace