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JEID in the Occidental College Library

Information on justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity at Oxy library including resources for our students, faculty, and staff.


This guide provides some background on Justice, Equity, Inclusion, Diversity (JEID) in the Oxy Library and how to find out more about this topic to bring these principles into our everyday lives.  We've also included some resources if you want to get more involved on the local, national, or international level.

Please contact the library with any questions or suggestions for this guide via this anonymous form.

JEID at Oxy Library

The Oxy Library JEID committee exists to ensure that the policies and practices of the library foster a welcoming, supportive, respectful, and equitable environment for all library patrons and all library staff.  Our work includes creating and sponsoring JEID themed exhibits, evaluating accessibility in the physical library as well as our resources, attending and hosting continuing education events about JEID, and working to enhance diverse and inclusive collections and cataloguing.  We support the mission of Occidental College and its Office of Equity and Diversity.