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HIST 295 - The Contested Ballot in American History: Home


This research guide contains a list of starting points in your search for multimedia assets. Here you will find links to archives, collections and exhibits from a variety of institutions.

What Should Multimedia Assets Do?

Multimedia assets such as graphics, videos and audio files help enrich the experience of your audience and bring your topic to life. Ensure that the assets you select are relevant and help illustrate your topic.

Where Should I Look?

Institutions such as museums and libraries collect and exhibit graphics, photos, videos and audio on a variety of topics, including voting in the United States. While searching online, use keywords related to your topic alongside "archives", "collections" or "exhibits." Once you find a resource, take note of the institution that holds the asset, the domain (e.g. .edu) and other information that can help you evaluate the resource.

Why are Metadata and Citations Important?

Metadata provides important information about your media asset, such as the who, what, when. It also supports the process of crediting and identifying the source of your media asset.


Library of Congress
Digital collections containing media assets on a variety of topics on U.S. History.

National Archives
Collections of historical materials and documents produced by the United States Federal Government.

Digital Public Library of America
Digital collections on a variety of topics, including voting history in the United States.

The Smithsonian Institution
Digital collections from the world's largest museum, education and research complex.

America Votes
Presidential campaign memorabilia by the Duke University Special Collections.

The Living Room Candidate
Presidential campaign commercials 1952-2020 by the Museum of the Moving Image.

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