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SOC101 Introduction to Sociology: Remote Library Access

Connect Google Scholar to Oxy Resources

Access more full text when you connect Google Scholar to Oxy

When you are on campus, Google Scholar recognizes your IP address and automatically connects you to full text that can be obtained through Oxy's Library. Once you are off campus, you can still connect to Oxy resources, but you need to adjust your settings.

See how in this video from Sam Alfrey, Arts and Humanities Specialist:

Tap Directly into Oxy Library Resources

Get the most out of Oxy's Resources

If you use Google to reach commonly used scholarly databases like JSTOR, EBSCO, or ProQuest, you might hit paywalls because you haven't authenticated using Oxy's "Library Proxy." 

To avoid this problem, always start at the Library Website so you can access the "library proxy" which lets the database know you are an authenticated Oxy student. 

See how to navigate the Library Website in this video from Diego Coaguila, First Year Experience and Student Success Librarian:

How can you tell if you're authenticated in a library database?

A URL that includes the Oxy Library Proxy will often have "" somewhere in the address. And you will be taken to a log in page that looks like like this:

How do you get to full text when you are in a database?

Oxy's Library relies on multiple providers for full text, so the access button may look like any of these....

Request Resources from Other Libraries

Get Resources from Other Libraries

Your tuition pays for library subscriptions and "resource sharing" with other libraries.

You may encounter paywalls while searching for articles, especially when using Google Scholar. Make sure you utilize your Oxy access and request help to access articles through Interlibrary Loan before paying additional money for an article. Interlibrary Loan The Oxy Library can often access articles and book chapters from other partner libraries if we don't have direct access.

The Interlibrary Loan request form is the way to initiate your request for access.

Below are two videos from Dr. Lilly Linden on how to create and use interLibrary Loan:

Hitting a roadblock? Email us at with your name and Oxy ID (A#...)