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Avenues to Finding Books

Use OASys (the library catalog) to search for books at Oxy. Keyword, Author, Title and Subject searches are effective for different types of tasks depending on what you are looking for, and what you already know.

Subject Searching can be extremely effective, but is often ignored in favor of Keyword Searching. Try exploring subject headings on your topic to find more relevant results. See more about subject headings in the next box.

Browse the shelves in the library (called "the stacks"). Once you get a call number from a record, and find your way to that area, you are set up to explore other relevant materials shelved around it. General call number ranges and their topics are listed at right.

Oxy can't own everything, so expand your search to look for books held in other libraries. WorldCat (and Link+) are catalogs that search libraries beyond Oxy. Libraries that belong to Link+ or Camino will lend to Oxy students, and requests arrive in 2-5 days. Other libraries may lend you books through Interlibrary Loan but it can take a lot longer for those to arrive (sometimes months).

Search with Subject Headings

Keyword searches often retrieve too many results, including materials that are irrelevant to your topic. Meanwhile, Title searches can be too narrow and leave you with no results. The answer is an approach that figures somewhere in the middle: Subject Headings. Subject headings are terms (topics, proper names, geographic regions, etc.) that indicate the scope of a book or other resource. 

Try it yourself: you can copy and paste these example headings right into an OASys search for LC Subjects.

Technology and the arts
Popular culture
Intellectual property
Mass media and culture United States
Motion pictures and history
Motion picture authorship
Motion picture plays
Reality television programs

Wander the Bookshelves

BH 1-301 Aesthetics 1st floor, Old Wing
GN 301-674 Ethnology. Social and cultural anthropology 1st floor, Old Wing
GV 1469.15-1469.62 Computer games. Video games. Fantasy games 1st floor, Old Wing
PN 1993-1999 Motion pictures (Drama) Tier 3
TR 1-1050 Photography Tier 5
TR 845-1050 Cinematography. Motion pictures Tier 5