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Herklotz Library at Booth Hall - Occidental College

The music library is located in Booth on the bottom floor, near the back exit. Located in Room 103 the library houses over 6000 scores, 7000 sound recordings, 300 music-related video recordings. The Music Library is home to several special collections, including the Nelson Eddy Music Collection, as well as Music Department recitals and concerts. 
The Music Library is closed over Summer break.



Online Reference Sources

Getting Started

Topic Finding and Thesis Formation

  • Follow your interest.
  • Look for tensions, anomalies and unanswered questions.
  • What assumptions have been made in previous scholarship surrounding a topic?
  • What critical approaches have and haven't been taken with certain topics?
  • Narrow or broaden an area of interest, and look for ways you can situate an argument within a larger argument, or in opposition to another argument.
  • Look outside of music at other influences and factors that are related to your topic.

Initial Exploration

Writing about Music